Hannah is a graphics enthusiast with interests ranging from generic Graphics Programming and Software Development to Simulation Research, Rendering, and Game Engine work. She is currently a Computer Graphics Software Engineer at Pixar Animation Studios.

In her free time, she enjoys reading science fiction and mystery novels, relaxing with her dog, hiking around the bay, and implementing random cs projects that pique her interests.

Hannah earned a BSE in Computer Science: Digital Media Design, a Math minor, and an MSE in Computer Graphics and Game Technology from the University of Pennsylvania. As a student, she interned at Nvidia, Unity, and Cesium and was involved in the Siggraph and CG@Penn communities.

Selected Projects

Gpujs BioCrowds

JavaScript gpujs WebGL2.0, Fall 2018

Links:   githubvideo

MPM Snow and Jello Simulation

C++ Eigen, Fall 2017

Links:   githubvideo

Mini Minecraft

C++ OpenGL, Fall 2016

Links:   video

Things of Note


Want to collaborate? Have questions or comments about my work? Feel free to drop a line!


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